Lesson Policy

  1. All payment is to be made in advance of the class. Payment should be settled within a week the class is confirmed or at least two days before the class, whichever is sooner. 所有費用須在上課前預先繳交,且必須在確認課程一星期內付款。若距離上課時間少於一星期,則必須在上課兩日前繳交。
  2. Blue Unicorn operates a “first-come first-serve” and confirmation-by-payment policy in allocating teaching schedules and reserves the right to release any reserved lessons that have only been verbally confirmed or have passed confirmation deadline. Full payment must be received prior to the indicated deadline in order for lessons to be scheduled. 我們於分配課堂上實行「先到先得」付款確認政策,並保留解除任何僅經過口頭確認或已過預留期之課堂的權利,且在指定的截止日期之前收到全額付款才能安排課程。
  3. The student must give the School prior verbal or written notice of absence for cancellation of lesson not less than 2 working days of the School. Working days do not include Sundays or other holidays of the School. Notice given after office hours are taken as notice given on the next working day. The School has the discretion to waive the tuition fees for that particular session if notice of absence is given in compliance with this provision; but exercise of discretion for waiver of tuition fees by the School as foresaid will be limited to once in a calendar month. 如學生需要缺席,必須於上課時間前,給予本校不少於兩個工作天的通知。工作天並不包括星期日及本校其他假期,而在辦工時間後發出的通知會當作下一個工作天發出計算。如學生遵守此規則,本校可以行使酌情權去豁免該堂學費,但本校行使該酌情權只限一個月一次。
  4. Any student who fails to give the School any notice of absence in advance needs to pay the tuition fee for that particular session. 學生若沒有事先向本校發出任何有關該缺席的通知,便需支付該課堂學費。
  5. (i) The student is required to give at least 2 hours’ prior notice of absence during office hours of the School if such absence is due to sickness or other reasonable causes of emergency. Notice can be given verbally or in writing during office hours. Should a student need to take leave from a class that begins less than 2 hours after the School opens on that day, 2 hours’ prior notice in writing via email is acceptable. 學生如果因病或其他合理緊急事故缺課,必須在本校辦工時間內兩小時前通知本校。學生可透過口頭或書面形式通知。如果學生需要在課程開始前的兩小時請假,而該時間早於本校的辦工時間,可透過電郵在兩小時前通知。
(ii) The School has the discretion to waive the tuition fees for that particular session subject to the compliance of the preceding provision A(4)(i) if the cause of absence due to sickness is supported by a medical certificate. The School also has the right to determine what amounts to a reasonable cause of emergency. The School will exercise the discretion in favor of the student if we are satisfied that the cause of absence is acceptable as a reasonable cause of emergency. 如果符合上述A(4)(i)條款規定給予所需通知及又有醫生紙證明學生因生病缺課,本校可行使酌情權豁免該堂的學費。本校有權決定該緊急事故是否足以構成合理缺課,從而行使酌情權豁免學費。
  1. If the student fails to give the requisite advance notice of absence according to the preceding provision A(4) in the case of sickness (in spite of the production of the medical certificate) as well as in cases of absence due to other reasonable causes of emergency, the student is required to pay the tuition fee for that particular session. 如果學生不能根據上述A(4)條款因病或其他合理緊急事故作出事前通知,便需支付該課堂學費。
  2. Same-day bookings (defined as bookings for lessons happening on the same day as the booking) are subject to a $200 surcharge.
No refund will be made, except from conditions that are listed under the following sections: “Refund Policies and Procedures” and “Adverse Weather Arrangement”. Fees waived will be carried forward as credit to set off future tuition payment. 本校不設退款。被豁免的費用將被用作支付下期的學費。

[Last updated May 20, 2019.]